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Ascent of Shadows


Everything had always been the way he wanted it. All his life he prepared his ascension to the throne, just as every ruler before him. Prince Terrence Asher always knew his future: to marry a princess, govern a kingdom, and lead his country towards prosperity while teaching his children what it takes to be a royal. Everything was a script, and he played his part perfectly, until the accident.

              After a tragic incident, Terrence finds himself away from his home, family, and everything familiar to him. His position challenges his morals and original views on the country he viewed as perfect, yet only now did he realize that almost the exact opposite was true. Further frustration takes a toll on the prince when he’s forced to work with someone he knew he could never get along with. Unbeknownst to him, they would end up revealing even more than he could have ever hoped for.


              Through his trials, Terrence must figure out who the real threat to his people is, and who he would ally with to stop them. It wouldn’t take just an heir to the throne to stop them, but someone who knows the threat almost inside and out. Truths resurface after years of being buried, loyalty-testing choices are made, and thousands of lives are put on the line, all in the name of one man’s judgment.

 - New Adult Fiction - 

Fantasy, Thriller