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Lauren Bell is a sixteen-year-old writer and aspiring author, engineer, and entrepreneur. While still in high school, her main goal is to put herself on a path towards a future she knows will positively impact her community, whether that be from an office building, or behind the desk of a writer.

From her home in the Pacific Northwest, Lauren enjoys writing new adult fiction, occasionally with themes common in the young adult genre. Lauren often draws her inspiration from real-life scenarios, which she then flips into a whole new story.

Lauren’s current work-in-progress is “Crossroads,” which she plans to turn into a trilogy titled “Ascent of Shadows.” Her main goal is to finish the 4th draft by December 2019, so she can begin querying at the beginning of January 2020.

When not writing, Lauren participates in her school’s theater productions as the stage manager, immerses herself in a new book, tries to find something that needs organizing, or attempts recreating another recipe she saw on a food blog. She also enjoys learning more about business and finances, exploring different fields of engineering, and crafting new ideas that could solve current problems.