Hi, my name's Lauren Bell, and I am a young adult and new adult book reviewer, as well as an aspiring author working on the fourth draft of my novel. I'm also a junior in high school.

Over the past few years, I've been immersing myself in all things reading and writing, which eventually led me to creating this blog. When I read, I like to almost analyze the story, and pick all its elements apart so I can understand it and better appreciate it. When I read, I like to share my thoughts with others, regardless of if they want to hear them or not. Unfortunately, I don't come from a family of heavy readers. That's also one of the main reasons my friend and I started a book club at our school.

When I'm not reading or writing, I'm usually doing work as a Stage Manager for my school's drama department, working on an endless amount of school work, or I'm reading and studying astrophysics and cosmology. I have a younger sister who I often hang out with, as well as two rabbits and a dog.


First off, hello! Welcome to my blog, A Cup of Bookish Tea! Here, I review Young Adult and New Adult fiction of almost any genre. My favorite genres are mystery, thriller, fantasy, and historical fiction. Typically, I don't read graphic novels, comic books, or poetry.


Because I fall into the young adult age group, I do read with the eyes of that audience; however, I pick apart the plot and characters more than the average reader. I will often track my thought, emotions, and other reactions during reading, and I like to include those in the posts.

If you are an author looking for people to read and review your novel, feel free to contact me. If it's a project I am interested in, I will read and review your book without additional charge if I am provided with a copy. The review will be posted on my blog, and I will leave a shorter version on Goodreads.

Eventually, I be offering beta reading for authors who seek those services, and with that, I will give a very detailed analysis for you to use as you please.

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